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Templates: Enable You to Read/Write PF in Japanese!

  This is an additional post for Terms: Words in Party Finder (EN/JP). These entries help you to understand the Japanese on Party Finder and also let you to recruit people by yourself!
The usage of PF here is for duties only. I'm planning to make other post for other purposes: recruiting FC members, announcement of a housing cafe and so on.

In case you need to know the Japanese chat-customs, this can help you.

Let's Read JPN Recruitments!

(1) The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain
  Tsukuyomi's Pain (極ツクヨミ)/unsync (制限解除)/8 runs (8周)/want fife (笛狙い)/free loot (フリロ)

  (You can read the words like "笛", "馬", "鳥", "犬" and "マウント" as a mount.)

(2) Containment Bay Z1T9
  I'm first timer (初見)/I'll do my best (よろしくお願いします)

  (当方 = "me")

(3) Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage)
  unsync, free loot (解除、フリロ)/if it's smooth (スムーズなら), I'd like to run 2 times and more(2周~したいです)/at the earliest (はやければ), we can complete it by "Mad Heads" (妖星あたりで倒せます)/one of us never cleared (未クリア1名)/after mad heads prog (妖星経験済)

(4) Deltascape V4.0 (Savage)
  to get the right of trying Bahamut (Ultimate) (絶バハムート挑戦フラグの回収)/not cleared (未クリ)/no macros (マクロ持ってないです), but saw the videos of "Haru-urara" (はるうらら動画の確認はしました)/if you have enough time (暇な方), help me out (お手伝いお願いします)

  (Haru-urara is a famous Youtuber making guides of EX and Savage.)

(5) Alexander - The Eyes of the Creator (Savage)
  for Aetheric condensation (輝き集め)/5 runs (5周)

(6) Cinder Drift (Extreme)
  1 set: 2 runs (2周1セット)/farm for mount (マウント周回)/I'm MT (主MT)/commet: clockwise (隕石時計回り)

  (主 = "host")

(7) Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm (Savage)
  to complete (攻略)/meals (飯○)/meds (薬○)/Words of Night: NE, クルル strat (夜襲北東クルル式)/get only 1 item from LEFT and go out from duty SOON (左から取りぬけ)/enrage prog only(時間切れ経験者)/non-cleared this week only (今週済×)

  (「左から取りぬけ」 is commonly seen in JPN serers. You can get only 1 item. All mates loot items one by one from LEFT of the chest at the same time. If you don't need the item looted at the time, you must "PASS" it. After you got one, you must go out from the duty immediately not to loot other items in an accident. The way to loot can be differently understood by each players. So if you see the word「取りぬけ」, you'd better to ask how the host player thinks of the loot rules to avoid some troubles before the duty.)

  to complete (クリ目)/1 hour(1時間)/enrage prog only (時間切れ経験者)/helps are welcome (お手伝いお願いします)/クルル strat (クルル式)/no same jobs (被り×)

  after adds prog (雑魚越え)/Words of Night: spread strat (夜襲は散開式)/not good at "Away with Thee" (主、強制転移苦手です)/people like me, sub jobs and helpers are welcome (同士、サブ、お手伝いお願いします)

  サブ = "sub job/charactor"

(10) Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage)
  to run (消化)/Diamond Frost: outside (DD外)/ayatori strat (あやとり)/color fixed (色固定)/Morn Afah 1, 2: invulns (12無敵)/free loot (フリロ)

  recruiting ST (off tank) for my group to run 1-4 (1-4消化固定・ST募集)/detailed info is here (URL) (詳細はこちら)

  after "Icelit Dragonsong" prog (竜詩後練習)/Diamond Frost: outside (DD外)/Light Rampant: ayatori strat (あやとり)/color fixed (色固定)/Morn Afah 1, 2: invulns (アファー12無敵)/meals (飯○)/I have macros (マクロ○)/no same jobs (被り×)/helps are welcome (お手伝い様歓迎)

  様 = Mr./Ms. Much formal form than "さん". "様" is seldom used in game.

(13) Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage)
  to run (消化)/Diamond frost: outside (dd外)/ayatori strat (あやとり)/color fixed (色固定)/free loot (フリロ)/Morn Afah: invulns(アファ無敵)

  wanna practice "Icelit Dragonsong" (竜詩辺りを練習したい)/no same jobs (被り×)/meal (飯必須)/Diamond Frost: outside (DD外)/mirror color fixed (ぼよん色固定)/ayatori strat (あやとり)/Morn Afah 1,2: invulns (アファー12無敵受け)/giving up or not is up to me (ギブ判断はこちらで)

  helpers are welcome (お手伝いさん歓迎)/adds prog (雑魚練習)/Diamond Frost: outside (DD外)/ayatori strat (あやとり)/color fixed (色固定)/30 mins (30分)

(16) Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm (Savage)
  to run (消化)/Words of Night: クルル strat (夜襲クルル式)/need MT (MT募集)/I have macros (マクロ○)/no same jobs (被り×)/free loot (フリロ)

  to complete (クリ目)/クルル strat (クルル式)/no same jobs (被り×)/I have macros (マクロ○)/meals (ご飯○)/if DPS of all mates doesn't seem to meet the level for complete (火力足りなそうだったら), use meds also (お薬お願いします)/get only 1 item from LEFT and go out from duty SOON (左から取りぬけ)/helpers are welcome (お手伝いさま歓迎)

  wanna see how the duty is for 30 mins? (30分見学いきませんか)/same jobs OK (ジョブかぶり○)

Let's Recruit Party Members in JPN on PF!

  You can use some templates to recruit the members in soon below.
  You don't need to make full sentenes! Just put the key-words together on your PF and you may get some helps from others earlier than the past.

DON'T FORGET TO NOTIFY THEM YOU'RE AN ENGLISH SPEAKER. To have conversations in English or auto translation may be hard for both of you and most of Japanese players, but the people come to your recruitment are SURELY nice! For having the chance to meet these friends, I recommend it!


  You can find other Terms: Words in Party Finder (EN/JP) also. It's updated irregularly.

(1) to run/non-cleared this week only/free loot/(xx) strat/meals/meds/I'm an English speaker

→ 消化・今週済×・フリロ・(xx)式・ご飯あり・薬あり・外国人です

(2) to complete/(xx) prog/I have macros/no same jobs

→ クリア目的・(xx)フェーズ・マクロあり・ジョブ被り×

(3) first timer/30 mins/helpers are welcome/same jobs OK

→ 初見です・30分・お手伝いさん歓迎・ジョブ被り○

1 HOUR = 「1時間」

(4) to get mount/3 runs/unsync

→ マウント目的・3周・制限解除