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Terms: Used in Party Finder (EN/JP)

  Don't you have an experience that you can't get party members soon when you use PF? These are the terms enable you to recruit Japanese players easily. Or you can untderstand what is written in JP!
  All you need is just gathering the words meet what you want to do. These will be replaced or added irregularly.

  When you use PF there, it may be better to show you're an English speaker since there could be some not familiar to the foreigners. On the other hand, the people came after seeing your message would be nice help for you! But I hope this situation will be changed in near future. If you want other terms, letting me to know what would be my pleasure.

  In case you need to know the Japanese chat-customs, this can help you.

Terms: Useful in PF

first timer初見
aim to clear (A2C)クリア目的/クリ目
page run (HS)
datalog run (SB)
book run (SHB)
log(s) run
non-prepared ok未予習OK
prepared only予習済のみ
3 runs3周
free lootロットフリー/フリロ
(xx) prog(xx) フェーズ
adds phase雑魚フェーズ
to get a mountマウント目的*
I have a macroマクロあり
no macrosマクロなし
need meals食事あり
no need meals食事なし
need meds薬あり
no need meds薬なし
same job ok被りあり
no same job被りなし
no fightingギス×
non-cleared this week only今週未クリアのみ
30 mins30分
1 hour1時間
helpers are welcomeお手伝いさん歓迎
I speak English.英語で話します
Plz use auto-translate定型文で話してください
killing time暇潰し(ひまつぶし)
Lyhe Ghiah map (Lv80)G12
Gazelleskin map / Canals (Lv70)G10
Dragonskin map / Aquapolis (Lv60)G8
Lost Canals map / Timeworn Thief's Map深層(は最後)
owner NEEDs / Your Map, Your Loot (YMYL)主ニド / ニード
loot freely / Free for All (FFA)フリロ / フリーロット
coordinates座標(は集まってから [揃ってから/そろってから] / 入ったら)
2 maps二枚 *(1 = 一)
come together in TitanTitan集合

*マウント目的: is sometimes written as "馬 (horse)", "鳥 (bird)" and "犬 (dog)". When you see these Kanji, you can translate them as a mount".

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