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Phrases: Useful Templates for Party Chat

  This post shows you the useful Japanese templates for party chat, especially in the dungeons.
  Have you ever had a little trouble about how to say "May I mend my gear set for a minute?", or "Could you use the buff actions?" to your party members? You can get them here!
The terms seen in party chat, and the names of the mechanics are available on Phrases: Often Seen in Party Chat (EN/JP), and Terms: Mechanics and Others (EN/JP).

Out of the Dungeons

Need Time to Prepare

  • "Could you wait for just a moment?"
      - "OK, thanks!"

  - "OKです!ありがとう!"

  Not too casual, not too formal.
  If you want to be more polite, "少しだけ待っていただけると助かります" (= "It'd be fine if you would wait for a while.) is also nice.

  Other members can ask you "どれくらいかかりますか?" (= "How long will it take?") You can tell them, "5分 (minutes) くらいです" ("It would be about 5 minutes.")

  • "I'd like to upgrade my gear set. The ILvl is not enough (for the duty.)"
      - "Done! Thank you!"

  - "終わりました!ありがとう!"

"お待たせしました" (= "Sorry for having made you wait!") can replace "終わりました."

  • "Sorry! I'd like to go to the restroom, be right back!"
      - "I'm back. Thank you!"

  - "戻りました!ありがとうございます!"

"お待たせしました" can replace "戻りました."
  ありがとうございます is much respectful expression than "ありがとう" only.

For your information: "いってらっしゃい" (= "See you soon.") & "おかえりなさい" (= "Welcome back!")

Offer You Can Change the Role

  • "I can change my role to tank (healer/DPS.)"


  You can put a job name as an alternative to the role.

Have to Leave the Party

  • "I'm sorry. Something has come up, and I have to leave this party. (Hope another nice member would join!)"


  Just in my opinion, it would be better to show you care of the party you leave, but saying this (いい人が...) or not depends on you.

In the Dungeons

Joking, "I'm drunk!"

  • "I'm drunk, and I can make a mistake!" (Just only for joking!)


  People may laugh looking at this, and some can respond "私も!" (= "So am I!")
  However, not all would welcome this... See the mood of the party carefully before using!

Do a Big Pull, or Not?

  • "Shall we do a big pull?"


  To this question, others could answer "Yes" saying like "大丈夫です" or "いいですよ."
  If you need the answer with "Yes/No," "まとめてもOKですか? NOですか?" (= "Big pulling is OK? NO?") would be the simplest form.

Need Time to Mend/ Receiving a Call

  • "Just a moment, please. I'd like to mend my gear set."
      - "Done! Thank you!"

  - "終わりました、ありがとう!"

  • "Be right back. My phone is ringing."
      - "I'm back! Sorry for having made you wait!"

  - "戻りました!お待たせしてすみません!"

Japanese expression shows one's guilty feeling, using similar expressions like "少しだけ離れます" (= "leave for a while") "すぐ戻ります" (= "be right back.")

Ask Someone to Use One's Buffs

  • "Could you use buff actions?"


If you prefer indirect question, you can also say "バフを使ってもらえると助かります" (= "It'd be helpful for me if you used buff actions.")

Answer to One's Apology/ Appreciation

  • "Don't mind."/ "No big deal."

"どんまいです、気にしないで!"/ "大したことないので、大丈夫です!"

  Much casual one is "どんまい"
  "大丈夫" (= alright) is one of the words of encouragement people often use.

  • "You're welcome!"


Ask the Others Whether to Find a Replacement

  • "Shall we wait for another member?"


  The simple one, "補充かけますか?" is also fine.

Say Congrats to the First Timer at the End

  • "Congrats for your first clear here! Enjoy your MSQ!"



  Were there anything new to you? Hoping the templates work well!
  They are just the examples, and everyone should have own preference of the nuance of the words.
  Any questions like, "How about this one?" or "What can I say in this situation?" are welcome via the contact form or my twitter!