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Words: Dungeons (EN/JP)

  These are the JP/EN names of the dungeons below. When you need to get the translations on chat, you can copy and paste them. Shadow Bringers English Japanese Holminster Switch ホルミンスター ...

Phrases: Often Seen in Party Chat (EN/JP)

  These are the Japanese words you can see often in a party chat. I put the translations for them, so you can check what is being saying on your display.   The phrases shown as (...) are use...
Guide of Japanese DC

What is This Blog for?

  Interested in the Japanese server/ data centers, or playing with Japanese players? If so, this blog can be one of your supports!   基本的には日本DCで遊ぶ英語話者の方々向けのブログですが、E言語の人と遊ぶ機会がある人や、異文化に興味がある人向け...