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Guide of Japanese DC

Guide & Chat Templates: Hunt (Eureka/ Bozja) in Japanese DC

(Patch 5.35) The part about Bozja has been updated! This includes the customs about NOT ONLY hunts but Bozja and Eureka as well. (パッチ5.35)南方ボズヤ戦線を含む、フィールドコンテンツで使える英日のフレーズ集を追加 海外DCで遊ぶ際など、必要に応じてご利用いただけ...
Guide of Japanese DC

Guide: Treasure Hunt in Japanese DC

  I got a nice question asking that "What's the difference between G10, G11 and G12 of the treasure hunt?" recently. Do you know these terms? If not, this article can help you.   Y...
Role & Job

Note: Tank-Action Meanings (EN/JP)

  One of the Japanese tank action, "インビンシブル (invincible)," can you come up with the action equal to that in English?   You may easily infer the word from this Japanese. Then, how d...

To JPN: 日本DCで外国人さんが遊ぶ理由・困りごと

(2020-10-08 追記)   ブログ運営の方針転換を決定しました。   これまで通り「外国人向けに、日本サーバーで遊ぶ上で持っておくべき知識の提供」をしながら「異文化に興味がある日本人・英語話者両方のプレイヤー向けに『言葉の違いや文化を楽しんでもらうきっかけ』となる記事作り」をしていきたく考えております。   独りよがりな発言をしてしまった反省を活かし、日本DC...
Guide of Japanese DC

Guide: Raiding Preparation in Japanese DC

  This article includes the Japanese own rules for the savage duties. You can get ready to join a raiding party with awareness of them.   The detailed explanations to prepare for the raids a...
Guide of Japanese DC

Tips: Customs Recommended to Know in Duties

  Do you want to know about the Japanese customs in duties? This post let you to know the features there and have much fun with Japanese players!   They follow some tacit understandings in t...

Templates: Enable You to Read/Write PF in Japanese!

  This is an additional post for Terms: Words in Party Finder (EN/JP). These entries help you to understand the Japanese on Party Finder and also let you to recruit people by yourself!   The...

Macros: Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (Savage) EN/JP

  These are the macros and terms of Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage) in Japanese and English.   The macros here are just only the samples you can refer to. With your understanding the main ...

Macros: Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm (Savage) EN/JP

  These are macros and terms of Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm (Savage) in Japanese and English.   2 popular macros are used in my server for E7S. The strats of "クルル式" and "Amaya式&q...
Note of NA

Journal: Voyage to The Another Eorzea [1]

Voyage to The Another Eorzea 1   This is the series of my journal to note what I experienced and thought as a non-English speaker in another Eorzea, NA DC. It may help one who has JP friends to k...