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Macros: The Seat of Sacrifice (EX) EN/JP

  These are the macros and terms of The Seat of Sacrifice (EX) in Japanese and English.

  In Japanese macros, the melee and the ranged are not differentiated. All of the DPS are shown as "D1-D4" in them.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranges but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

The Seat of Sacrifice (EX)

  The waymarks are usually put on NSEW.


Japanese (original)

/p <極ウォーリアマクロ/X字/アムレン有り>
/p ◆散開     |◆メテオ/線取り/忍者/LB2
/p  D3 MT D4     | MTD3  H2D4
/p  H1 ● H2      | H1D1   STD2
/p  D1 ST D2     |※十字は時計回り
/p ――――――――――――――――――――――――
/p 【LB1/暗詩】北:T/東西:H/南:DPS ※頭割り中央
/p 【召戦】  マーカー:十字
/p 【黒白】   1~4:十字/5~8:踏み順
/p 【忍者】   X字に回避してアムレン使用
/p ※補足:アムレンタイミング
/p  中央にコンフィを固めて、X字に回避したあと使う

Translation (EN)

/p <take X-shape (=run to corners) position / anti knockback>
/p ◆spread     |◆X shape (meteor / tether / NIN / LB2)
/p  D3 MT D4       | MTD3  H2D4
/p  H1 ● H2          | H1D1   STD2
/p  D1 ST D2          |※CROSS shape (=cardinal): rotate clockwise
/p ――――――――――――――――――――――――
/p 【LB1/DRK】 N: T / EW: H / S: DPS ※stacking: center
/p 【SMN】  markers: CROSS shape
/p 【BLM】   1-4: CROSS shape / 5-8: follow the 1-4's order
/p 【NIN】   spread: X shape & use anti knockback
/p ※NOTE: when to use anti KB
/p  after gathering all the Confiteor to the center of the field and avoiding AoEs with spreading as X shape


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