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Macros: Memoria Misera (EX) EN/JP

  These are the ENG/JPN macros and terms of Memoria Misera (EX) below.

  In Japanese macros, the melee and the range are not differentiated. All of the DPS are shown as "D1-D4" in them.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranges but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

Memoria Misera (EX)



/p   《基本散会》
/p      MT 
/p    D3   D4
/p   H1     H2
/p    D1   D2
/p      ST

/p   《頭割り散会》
/p 【西or北】 【東or南】  
/p MTH1    STH2
/p D1D3    D2D4
/p 青×:南集合で誘導

/p カウンター(緑):前後or左右シールド
/p バースト(円):散開(個人不可視範囲)
/p ショック(ビット):ボスからのノックバック

/p  《シールド(ぐるぐる)散会》
/p   [シールドorボス] 
/p   H1     H2
/p   D3    D4
/p    D1   D2
/p     MT ST

Translation (EN)

/p   《SPREAD: base form》
/p      MT 
/p    D3   D4
/p   H1     H2
/p    D1   D2
/p      ST

/p   《SPREAD: stacking form》
/p      MTH1          STH2
/p      D1D3          D2D4
/p *blue x: gathered at SOUTH to assemble the attacks to one direction

*blue x = Altius' AoEs (Terminus Est)

/p Reinforced (GREEN): shields on Front & Back or Left & Right
/p Loaded (CIRCLE): spread (unvisible AoE)
/p Electrified (TURRETS): knockback from the BOSS

/p  《SPREAD: Gun Shield/Fortius》
/p   [Shield or BOSS] 
/p   H1     H2
/p   D3    D4
/p    D1   D2
/p     MT ST

  With the way introduced here, players cope with Fortius by spreading in the same strategy for Gun Shield. Spread when the BOSS started casting Forteus: and after that, run to the NORTH of the BOSS immediately.
Another way coping with Forteus is called as "八(8)方向". It may be much popular way in ENG servers and JPN servers. When you see "八(8)" in the macro other player showed, party members must spread to each directions.


Alea lacta Estアーレア・ヤクタ・エスト
Ignis Estイグニス・エスト
Electrified Gunshieldガンシールド:魔導ショック
Reinforced Gunshieldガンシールド:魔導カウンター
Loaded Gunshieldガンシールド:魔導バースト
Ventus Estウェントゥス・エスト
Vivere Militare Estウィーウェレ・ミーリターレ・エスト
Magitek Torch魔導フレイム
Magitek spark魔導スパーク