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Macros: Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (Savage) EN/JP

  These are macros and terms of Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage)/E5S in English and Japanese.

  In Japanese macros, the melee and the range are not differentiated. All of the DPS are shown as "D1-D4" in them.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranges but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage)



 D3   D4
  D1 D2
 H1   H2
 MT:正面 ST近接:背面 遠隔ヒラ:散開図通り
 先頭← タンク D1 D2 D4 H1 H2 D3→最後尾
    MT ST
  ↑ D1   D2 ↑
 D3           D4
  ↓ H1   H2 ↓

Translation (EN)

【SPREAD:Stormcloud Summons/Thunder Storm】
 D3   D4
  D1 D2
 H1   H2
【Fury's Bolt/Stepped Leader】
 MT:front ST & Melee:behind Ranged & Healers:see the figure above
【Fury's Fourteen】
 ☆BOSS relative
 head← MT ST D1 D2 D4 H1 H2 D3→tail
【Chain Lightning】
    MT ST
  ↑ D1   D2 ↑
 D3           D4
  ↓ H1   H2 ↓


Judgment Volts裁きの熱雷
Stratospear Summons武具生成
Judgment Jolt裁きの界雷
Executor Summons分離体生成
Fury's Boltチャージボルト
Crippling Blow痛打
Stormcloud Summons雷雲生成
Levin Forceライトニングフォース
Tribunal Summons思念体生成
Thunder Stormサンダーストーム
Stepped Leaderステップトリーダー
Fury's Fourteenフォーティーン・チャージボルト
Centaur's Chargeセントールチャージ
Chain Lightningチェインライトニング