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Macros: Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (Savage) EN/JP

  These are the macros and terms of Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage) in Japanese and English.
  The macros here are just only the samples you can refer to. With your understanding the main strat of the raids, they will help you! Good luck!

  In Japanese macros, the melee and the ranged are not differentiated. All of the DPS are shown as "D1-D4" in them.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranges but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

DD = Diamond Frost
ぼよん = Knockback Mirrors (KB)

Eden's Verse: Refulgence (Savage)

Macros in Elemental (provided)



/p 《DD 中》          |《光の暴走》
/p   T       H               | ● あやとり式(DD散開ベース)
/p       ★                   | 西 > D1 > D2 > D3 > D4
/p   D       D             | ----------------------------
/p タンク: 北/西     | 《グループとペア》
/p ヒーラー: 南/東 |MT D3     OT D4
/p                     |                       ★ 東西南北 時計回り
/p                             | H1 D1     H2 D2

/p 遠隔ヒラはフェイクの頭割り外へ (アクスキック)
/p DPS/タンクはフェイクの頭割り{gap close}(サイスキック)
/p 本当の頭割りはペアの散開場所へ(アクスキック)

/p 《雑魚》
/p 西: H1 > MT > D3 > D1
/p 東: H2 > OT > D2 > D4
/p --------------------------------------------------
/p 《聖龍の咆哮》
/p TH           15s > 22s > 30s > 38s
/p DPS   20s > 30s > 36s > 44s

/p 《鏡(ぼよん)とホーリーウィング》
/p MT     D3     ★     D4     OT
/p       H1     D1               H2     D2
/p 色固定 式
/p --------------------------------------------------
/p 《氷と光の竜詩》
/p     MT
/p     D3  D4
/p H1 ★ H2
/p   D1 D2
/p    OT

/p エスナ: H1: D1 -> D4 || H2: D4 -> D1

/p 《聖竜の咆哮 #2》
/p ※調整役D2D3
/p ---------------------------------------
/p #1 モーン・アファー MT 無敵
/p #2 モーン・アファー OT 無敵

English (original)

DD in/Ayatori/KB normal

/p 《Flares》           | 《Light Rampant》
/p   T       H               | ● Ayatori          
/p       ★                   | W > D1 > D2 > D3 > D4 Same prio for Flares
/p   D       D               | ----------------------------
/p Tank: N/W           | 《Groups & Pairs》
/p Heal: S/E               | MT D3     OT D4
/p                     |                         ★ Rotate clockwise if cardinal positions
/p                               | H1 D1     H2 D2

/p Ranged/Healer move away for fake stack (Axe Kick)
/p DPS/Tank Gap close for fake stack (Scythe Kick)
/p Resolve true stacks @ waymark (Axe Kick)

/p 《Adds Tether Order》
/p West: H1 > MT > D3 > D1
/p East: H2 > OT > D2 > D4
/p --------------------------------------------------
/p 《Wyrm's Lament》
/p TH           15s > 22s > 30s > 38s
/p DPS   20s > 30s > 36s > 44s

/p 《Knockback Mirrors》
/p GREEN MT     D3     ★     D4     OT RED
/p               H1     D1               H2     D2
/p KB Normal. Or discuss with group.
/p --------------------------------------------------
/p 《Icelit Dragonsong》
/p     MT
/p     D3  D4
/p H1 ★ H2
/p   D1 D2
/p    OT

/p Esuna: H1: D1 -> D4 || H2: D 4-> D1 (Please arrange before start)

/p 《Wyrm's Lament #2》
/p D2/D3 Swap if same color as partner
/p ---------------------------------------
/p MT Invuln 1st Morn Afah @ North. Provoke while casting Morn Afah
/p OT Invuln 2nd Morn Afah @ North

Macros in Mana


Japanese (original)

T         H
DPS1 - 4

H1 -> タンク
H2 -> ヒラ

北・西 →T 南・東 → H  最初の白円にフレア


[光の暴走: あやとり]
四角時: 北西、南西入れ替え
砂時計時: 北東、南西入れ替え

[鏡2回目 散会]

D1H1           H2D2

鏡斜め -> 時計回り

西側: H1 -> MT -> D3 -> D1
東側: H2 -> ST -> D4 -> D2

緑鏡 MT (D1D3 H1)
赤鏡 ST (D2D4 H2)

D3           D1
    H1   H2
D2           D4


H1: D1から
H2: D4から

西側 D1D3     D2D4 東側


DD out/Ayatori/KB Normal

[DD out & Light Rampant]
T         H
DPS1 - 4

H1 -> TANK

N/W -> T S/E -> H

put it on where the white AoE exploded

with heavy debuff: run into flare position
DPS without marking: don't go closer to flare position

[Light Rampant: Ayatori]
SQUARE shape: NW & SW swap
HOUR GLASS shape: NE & SW swap

[Mirror in 2nd: SPREAD position]

D1H1           H2D2

if mirrors' positions: X shape (not NEWS) -> rotate clockwise
Axe: based on where the mirrors are

[adds・Akh Morn]
W: H1 -> MT -> D3 -> D1
E: H2 -> ST -> D4 -> D2

[KB Normal]
RED: ST (D2D4 H2)

[Icelit Dragonsong]
D3           D1
    H1   H2
D2           D4

The House of Light: same position

H1: cast from D1
H2: cast from D4

[Wyrm's Lament #2]
W D1D3     D2D4 E
D2/D3 Swap if same color as partner

Each Strats for KB (provided)

アーサー式: KB Uptime (Arthars)

  We stay behind Shiva's Back and hit Anti-Knockback the moment Shiva faces the Main Tank. The tank closest to Green Mirror has to move in the middle after Green Mirror hits.

  You can also look at the Green Mirror Cast Bar and press anti-KB when the cast reaches "ll" of "Reflected Hallowed Wings".

色固定式: KB Normal

  After first (Non-reflected) Hallowed Wings cast, everyone with form a line (grouped) in front of the Green Mirror and let both Mirror knock everyone back. The tank closest to Green Mirror has to move in the middle after Green Mirror hits.

赤固定式: KB Mirror (Fixed Red)

  After first (Non-reflected) Hallowed Wings cast, we run towards the Red Mirror while activating anti-knockback. This would prevent the Green Mirror from knocking you back. The tank closest to Green Mirror has to move in the middle after Green Mirror hits. Let Red Mirror knock everyone.

  In addition to each "固定式", the healer+dps close to the mirror should group together on the outer ring on the floor of the arena (DD-out area.)
  And The healer+dps far from the mirror should group on the inner ring (DD-in.)

Provided description from Twitter. This can make it easier to form the groups correctly.


Absolute Zero絶対零度
Mirror, Mirror鏡の国
Driving Frostフロストスラスト
Biting Frostフロストスラッシュ
Diamond Frostダイヤモンドダスト
Friged Stoneアイスストーン
Icicle Impactアイシクルインパクト
Heavenly Strikeヘヴンリーストライク
Friged Eruptionアイスエラプション
Double Slapダブルスラップ
Scythe Kickサイスキック
Axe Kickアクスキック
Light Rampant光の暴走
The Path of Light光の波動
Shattered Worldシャッタード・ワールド
Tether Orbラッシュ(線)
Akh Mornアク・モーン
Morn Afahモーン・アファー
Hallowed Wingホーリーウィング
Wyrm's Lament聖龍の咆哮
Twin Stillness静寂の双剣技
Twin Silence閑寂の双剣技
Akh Ralアク・ラーイ
Embittered Dance峻厳の舞踏技
Spiteful Dance冷厳の舞踏技
Icelit Dragonsong氷と光の竜詩
The House of Light光の津波


Special Thanks:

  • Lenne (Tonberry): the greatest advisor of this article!!