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Macros: Castrum Marinum (EX) EN/JP

  These are the macros and terms of Castrum Marinum (EX)/ Emerald Weapon in Japanese and English.
  The macros here are just only the samples you can refer to. When you use a macro in a pug, using the English one as a cheat sheet is recommended.

  In Japanese macros, the melee and the ranged are not differentiated. All of the DPS are shown as "D1-D4" in them.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranges but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

Castrum Marinum (EX)/ Emerald Weapon


Japanese (original)

/p  【玉の散開】【ディヴィデ・エト・エンペラ】
/p   D3/MT     (T:頭割)
/p D1H1■H2D2    H1  ■  H2
/p   D4/ST     D1 D3 D4 D2

/p  【2個目の玉の処理方法】
/p ※北の玉が「黄色」→時計回り
/p ※北の玉が「青色」→反時計回り

/p 【マグネット(距離減衰散開)】
/p MT:北/西  ST:南/東

/p 【青矢印】
/p ※四隅を避けて配置

/p 【ターミナス・エスト・ドゥオ】
/p X字:外周4辺の中央付近 十字:四隅付近

【玉処理 = 4:4 の場合】
/p 西: MTH1D1D3 東: STH2D2D4

Translation (EN)

/p  [Orbs' pair]   [Divide Et Impera]
/p   D3/MT    (T:stack / others: spread)
/p D1H1■H2D2    H1  ■  H2
/p   D4/ST     D1 D3 D4 D2

/p  [Orbs' pop rotation]
/p *look at Northern orb
/p YELLOW ⇒ rotate clockwise
/p BLUE ⇒ rotate anti-clockwise

/p [magnetism (T: spread flares)]
/p MT:N/W  ST:S/E

/p [Blue arrows]
/p *Avoid standing on the corners not to overlap AoEs.

/p [Secundus Terminus Est]
/p X: Cardinal = middle of the side edge / +: Intercardinal = corners

[If the party divided into 2 groups to pop orbs]
/p W: MTH1D1D3 E: STH2D2D4


Emerald Shotエメラルドショット
Optimized Ultima魔導アルテマ
Aetheroplasm Production爆雷生成
Emerald Beamエメラルドビーム
Magitek Magnetism魔導マグネット
Divide Et Imperaディヴィデ・エト・インペラ
Full-power Optimized Ultima魔導アルテマ:臨界出力
Primus Terminus Estターミナス・エスト:ウーヌス
Tertius Terminus Estターミナス・エスト:トレース
Legio Phantasmatisレギオ・ファンタズマティス
Mechanized Maneuver機動戦術
Firing Squads魔導カノン
Full Rank全軍集結
Secundus Terminus Estターミナス・エスト:デュオ