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What is This Blog for?

  Interested in the Japanese server/ data centers, or playing with Japanese players? If so, this blog can be one of your supports!
  基本的には日本DCで遊ぶ英語話者の方々向けのブログですが、E言語の人と遊ぶ機会がある人や、異文化に興味がある人向けページも展開しています。ご興味があれば、To Japanese Playersをご覧ください。

What is This Blog for?

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  Before answering to that question, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mari, a Japanese (half Filipino) playing FF14 about 5 years. Having seen some English speakers feeling a kind of barrier in JPN DC, I decided to manage a guide blog offering the knowledge about the Japanese own customs and the terms usually seen. Also, there are the posts for Japanese players who are interested in English / playing with English speaking players on this website.

  I'd like to show you some tacit understandings of there, and the translations of each macro, the PF terms and so on. It's like Japanese common way of chat, words usually used or what are prefered to do.
  I'll also note what differences are seen between Japanese, SEA (Elemental) and NA DC from a Japanese view.

  Knowing about JPN customs, and easy Japanese words should make your game playing and having conversations comfortable!

What Can I Get from Here?

  This blog covers...

  • The Japanese translation of English auto-translated words.
  • The translations of the macros, and mechanics and other terms which aren't covered by auto translation.
  • The meaning of the terms and words commonly used by Japanese.
  • The customs recommended you to know. (e.g. the way of chat, loot system)

  There must be a lot of interesting discoveries to you!
  You can feel another Eorzea through your flat display now! Let me support your FF14 life!!