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Tips: Customs Recommended to Know in Duties

  Do you want to know about the Japanese customs in duties? This post let you to know the features there and have much fun with Japanese players!
  They follow some tacit understandings in the duties, like the dungeons and the alliance raids.

Customs Recommended to Know in Duties

VIDEO: Introduction of Chat in Duties (Difference b/w Mana/Elemental/Aether)

for All

  • People call others not by their names, but by their jobs. (e.g. "白さん" [WHM])

  This "さん" represents his/her respect for the player. As a reference, English and Japanese jobs names of the tables are showed on the bottom of this post.

  • In any duties, people usually wait for someone in their cutscene.

  • In alliance raids, B tank is usually the MT.

  • At the raid BOSS: "Cerberus" in "The World of Darkness", normally A is for his belly and C is for the adds.

  Sometimes there are chats to confirm the roles before the BOSS. Like, "Aお腹 [belly] いきます", or "C草 [adds] 刈ります." If nobody makes sure this, you can think A is for belly but there can be the case few people go to it.

  • In Praetorium, it's common that people teleport after beating all of the mobs.

  • You may see the phrases: "蘇生ください [res me]", and "ごめんなさい / すみません [sorry]" in your party. When you find "ごめんなさい" and "すみません", replying to him/her "どんまい/ 気にしないで [don't mind]" or "大丈夫 [alright]" makes him/her comfortable.

  • You have to wear the gears with the best item levels! Though the highest level is not needed, I recommend to avoid going to Lv.75's dungeon with gears almost of those IL are 400. (It sometimes also happens among in Japanese.)

  • Be sure you can get heals at your position.

  Some magical or physical ranged are too far from healers. In alliance raids, people are gathered on A: WEST, B: CENTER and C: EAST of the area. This makes healers relaxed to play with you.

for Tanks

  • You'd better not to do big pulls in dungeons except for those of LV. 50, 60, 70 and 80.

  Most of the Japanese players don't like wipes. Big pulls in leveling dungeons have risks of wipe and taking long time to complete them, and make the party exhausted.

  • Sprint is often used when people doing a big pull.
  • Be careful not to make the mobs face to the mates of your party.

  The mobs' AoEs can harm your party members if they see the direction you came from.

for Healers

  • Most of the tanks can play with relief when they receive some heal at 70 % of their HP.

  I saw a pole asking to people that "what percentage is appropiate to give a heal" on Reddit, and many voted to "40 %" as its answer. It can be just in my case, but my friends and players in DF heal much earlier than that. "70 %" is the best time to cure, physick or benefic, I think. You can heal tanks not or too enough with this.

  • Use HoT after the tank got mobs' hates.

  This makes you safe from being exposed to their attacks. Tanks can be attractive to the ladies!

for DPS

  • Be careful not to take the first attack before the tank!
  • Leading your party in a dungeon is often not welcome.

  Tanks tend to feel their playing messed up with that attitudes. They may see doing like that as a demand speed run from tanks.

  What I wrote are come from my experiences in JP and NA. My belonging to NA is just for a while until now, so the people who can be the examples of them are not enough, maybe.
  Knowing the Japanese way will makes you much easier to adapt to the communities. May your life in Eorzea is filled with joy.

Jobs' Names (ENG/JPN)

  Japanese "(xx)" is the abbreviations usually used in chat and PF. You may be called like "白さん" in a party.


Paladin (PLD)ナイト(ナ)
Warrior (WAR)戦士(戦)
Dark Knight (DRK)暗黒騎士(暗/暗黒)
Gunbreaker (GNB)ガンブレイカー(ガ)


White Mage (WHM)白魔道士(白)
Scholar (SCH)学者(学)
Astrologian (AST)占星術師(占)


Monk (MNK)モンク(モ)
Dragoon (DRG)竜騎士(竜)
Ninja (NIN)忍者(忍)
Samurai (SAM)


Bard (BRD)吟遊詩人(詩/詩人)
Machinist (MCN)機工士(機)
Dancer (DNC)踊り子(踊)


Black Mage (BLM)黒魔道士(黒)
Summoner (SMN)召喚士(召)
Red Mage (RDM)赤魔道士(赤)
Blue Mage (BLU)青魔道士(青)