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Guide: Raiding Preparation in Japanese DC

  This article includes the Japanese own rules for the savage duties. You can get ready to join a raiding party with awareness of them.
  The detailed explanations to prepare for the raids are enough mentioned on the other great websites already. I introduce them on the bottom of this page. 
Terms: Used in Party Finder (EN/JP) & Tips are also available here!




The higher the IL of your gear is, the better for the end game. The HQ facet gear fully forbidden-melded with best materias for your job is the one if it's when soon after the raid's patch came.
  You can exchange your tomestone to the gear set with the highest IL at the patch from NPC later. This is the strongest set for you to start raiding.

  You may have the gears mixture of the tomestone and the normal raids in the late of the patch, and it's tolareted because of the avarage IL among other raiders is getting higher. And keeping your gears updated accordingly will make your raiding easily.


The newest materia is important. The gear set should be fully melded with the best materia for your job. When you wear the facet gear, pentamelds are welcome.

Meals & Meds

  Choose the ones suit for your job. Of course the highest IL is required. Meds are used in every recast.


  Any of the party member probably has. But I recommend you to prepare one by yourself since it may be easier to use a macro which you're familiar with.


  At first trying, you can copy one that any player showed.

To Do Before Going to Savage Raids

Learn from Videos/Websites

  Except for when it's not long since the updates or when you join the fresh party, you need to watch/read the guides before queueing. Even if it's RF, you're supposed to learn from them.
  You can read the posts explaining of Japanese macros and strats on this blog after you see the English guides. Taking a look Japanese videos may help you to understand the differences between both strats.

Understand of Your Job Deeply with Dummy

Defeating the dummy is needed at least for your challenge. Knowing the actions of other jobs is helpful, too. You can grab the situation of other party members in a duty.

Know the Loot System in Raids

The right to loot chests you have is ONLY ONCE per week on each floor. (All of the party can get a book once per week in each duty.)

  The number of the chests is determined by the number of the player who have completed the floor during that week:

[no one completed]: 2 (3) chests
[1-4 players]: 1 chests
[5-8 players]: no chests (= book only)

Be Aware of the Japanese Loot System

  You commonly see the "取り抜け", in literal translation, "Get and Leave" system in PF. Specific information is written below.

Japanese Own Rules

Positions on a Macro

  All the party members declare each position along a macro showed to cope with the main mechanics before taking a first attack.
  Usually, D1 & D2 are melees, and D3 & D4 are ranged but it depends on each macros. You can just remember that if you're a melee, choose the nearest one to the boss.
  Also, it's often seen that H1 as a pure healer and H2 as a barrier healer.

  You'll encounter macros in raids like this:

/p   《基本散会》
/p      MT 
/p    D3   D4
/p   H1     H2
/p    D1   D2
/p      ST

/p   《頭割り散会》
/p 【西or北】 【東or南】  
/p MTH1    STH2
/p D1D3    D2D4
/p 青×:南集合で誘導

from Memoria Misera (EX)

  The macros on this blog are just examples. You can see some similar to them in duties. The posts here should give you some hint to understand the macros you'll encounter.

Loot System - "取り抜け" (tori-nuke)

*"(左から)取り抜け"** system often seen in PF means:

After opening all the chests,

all of the party loots at the same time per ONE item from the left side,

and after the winner of the item leaves,

the other players remain continues to loot the next item again.

  With this system, more people can get a gear. When you gained one, you need to leave soon to let the others loot next.

  *左から (hidari-kara) = from left side

Over View of End Games

!!! "(xxx)" is only for PF

  1. (Check the strat, loot rules and the progress the party leader demands on a recruitment in PF.)

  2. (Let's join the recruitment. I recommend you to tell the leader that you're an ENG player, how fluent in Japanese you are and that you read the whole things written on the recruitment. You can also say that you're aware of the Japanese strat and macros when you already learned them. The party members will feel comfortable with it.)

Clarifying your Japanese skill in correct is the most important, especially in a practice party. It may be hard to convey the nuances what you'd like to express without Japanese skill when you need to discuss some subjects with others. After the short talk about those things above, you and the party leader decide whether to go with or not.
  JPN DCs are open to the people all of the world officially, but it's true the most of there are the Japanese. Although it's not easy to learn Japanese, you can find that the better your Japanese become, the more effortless you can take part in a practice! Understanding Japanese is better for all of the party members.
  Instead of this, you can have a recruitment by yourself to gather people who can afford to join an English party, of course. Forming a party with only English speakers should take much time not like as in other DCs.

  Well, I can't deny the existence of people who don't welcome E players but there are some reasons for them to do that. When you see "JP only" on PF, it may imply that they just want to avoid any troubles caused from the language barrier. Some also say it's for both of JPN and ENG players not to have their blue time.
  I can just hope that you can join a party easily, have a nice practice and make wonderful friends with others.

  1. In the duty, all of the party decides each role with a macro. You can ask anything you don't understand in it. After that, it's the time to use meals.

  2. People often discuss after wipe. Then, you can ask your concern about your mistake or the reason of your death. Telling them about what you'll do next for your improvement makes your party one.

  3. Feel free to ask someone to show macros again.

  4. (You need to follow the loot system the party leader wrote on the recruitment after completing the duty.) If there were nothing on, or if it's RF, you can loot freely.


  • The "best" gears, materias, meals and meds that you can prepare for now are needed at least. Just only all the party members do this, you can beat the BOSS!

  • Telling the party leader you're an English speaker and how fluent in Japanese you are lets you avoid any troubles come from the language barrier when you use PF.

  • People declare their own positions along a macro at the start of the duty. There's a tacit understanding of the positions each job assigned.

  • The "取りぬけ" loot system that allows more players to get a gear is often used.

  • You can see recruitments writing "ギスx" (gisu-x), "no complaints" in PF, but it doesn't include discussion! (Some Japanese get confused with this.)

  The basics what and how to prapare for the raids are the same between JPN DC and the others. There's an aspect of Japanese culture that people give imoprtance not to bother others. It may sound a little seriously, but many just think "Not only my time, but others also spend theirs. I want to repay them for their efforts!"

Your words that give one some advice to improve his/her skills and saying "Don't mind." will make the mood of your party relaxed when someone apologizes about his/her mistakes.
  People might keep quiet then, but you can feel comfortable, too. "I can't say 'No big deal.' cuz I also made a mistake." This is their mind probably.
  (I believe having communication is better than silence while some of the Japanese think "Talking so much will be noisy." and behave like that.)

You're already enough brave as a "Warrior of Light" to join the foreign end games!!
  It's delightful if you could take part in the raiding with understanding of Japanese common rules.


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