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Guide: Treasure Hunt in Japanese DC

  I got a nice question asking that "What's the difference between G10, G11 and G12 of the treasure hunt?" recently. Do you know these terms? If not, this article can help you.
  You can learn what you should know before joining a party for treasure hunt and the terms commonly used among Japanese.
  For your information, these rules are usually seen in Mana. Each server or DC may have other local ones or same rules.

Guide:Treasure Hunt in JPN DC

  Answering the question above, G11 is the map for the solo, and G10 & G12 are those for a full party at Lv70 & Lv80.
G8, G10 and G12 are all recommended for a full party. We just call them in shortcut forms: their official names are "宝の地図 G8 / G10 / G12."
  The basic information on the treasure hunting is already shown in other great web sites. Their URLs are noted as the references.

  (宝の地図 = takara-no-chizu)

What You Should Know in Advance

Check List on The PF

  • The number of the maps you need (1 or 2)
  • How to loot
  • When to tell the chest coordinates
  • Where to come together (If the recruitment is for cross world, the host shows which server to hold the treasure hunt.)

  Take a look at the recruitment and prepare your map(s.) Also, you have to check out how to loot at the party. "主ニド / ニード," which means "only the map owner can loot NEED," is often seen there. With this rule, all the member must choose "PASS" except for the owner.

"Decipher" Your Map

  After doing so, set your map marker (flag) at the coordinates of it. Then, you can tell its location in soon when the party host asks.

Flow of Maps

  1. Join the party.

  Though not being a hard challenge like the savage raids, it's recommended to show that you're an E-player if you don't have enough confidence in your Japanese skills, especially in reading. By this, the other members can consider using easy Japanese or auto-translation for you when the party needs some discussion.

  1. Tell your map coordinates.

  Normally, it's after the party members are gathered" or"as soon as you join the party."** They will get started finding the treasures before making a full party in case it's an older map. (Ex. G8)

  1. The party host decides the order to go hunting.

  Ex. "xxさん、○○さんの順 (order) でいきます"

  1. The member in one's turn teleports the aetheryte nearest to the next coordinates.

People often say "ありぽ (ari-po)," which is the mixture of "ありがとう (arigato = thanks)" and "テレポ (terepo = teleport)."

  1. Find treasures, loot items according to the loot system.
  2. Say "ごち (gochi)" or "ごちそうさま (gochisou-sama)" after each treasure hunt is over.

  Sometimes it's not needed, but better to type.
  "ごちそうさま" is one of the Japanese greetings, which is used after a meal. "ごちそう" is "a banquet" and "さま" shows one's respect for the food or someone who cooked. You can say it when someone treats you, as well.
  By the way, "いただきます (itadaki-masu)" is used before eating: not for any treatments.

  1. If each had only ONE map, the party will be dismissed when all the maps are done. If TWO, restart from "2."


Lyhe Ghiah map (Lv80)G12
Gazelleskin map / Canals (Lv70)G10
Dragonskin map / Aquapolis (Lv60)G8
Lost Canals map / Timeworn Thief's Map深層(は最後)
owner NEEDs / Your Map, Your Loot (YMYL)主ニド / ニード
loot freely / Free for All (FFA)フリロ / フリーロット
coordinates座標(は集まってから [揃ってから/そろってから] / 入ったら)
2 maps二枚 *(1 = 一)
come together in TitanTitan集合

"深層は最後:" you may see the words on the PF. It means "Lost Canals map will be the last."
"座標は集まってから [揃ってから]" or "座標は入ったら:" you can see these, too. This refers to letting the party host know your map coordinates "after the party members are gathered." or "as soon as you join the party."


  Not so many, but there are some original common rules in my DC, which can make novices confused. They don't understand what a recruitment means at a glance in spite of the fact that they are Japanese. (MMO RPGs are usually like that!)

  "Which map, how many maps, the loot system and where to get together" - it's alright if you know all of these things in Japanese!
Let's get an L house in Beverly Hills with making Gils here, the treasure hunt!!


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