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Guide: The Way People Chat in Japanese Data Center

  Let's get started to know the way of chat among the Japanese! There are some differences from the other data centers.

Before Having Any Chats

The explanations for novice are skipped here since you may be an experienced player understanding of FF14's systems when you're thinking to join in a Japanese server.
  The reason why you move your character is that you'd like to have communications with the people there beyond the wall of the languages and cultures, right? If so, the CHAT is main tool of that, of course.
  Then, I'll show you the way people chat in JP servers and what you're recommendeed to do.

The features of the chats in JP servers

  • People seldom use "SAY".
  • Novice Network is relatively quiet.
  • Almost all of the player matched as a party greets at the start and the end of the dungeon. (I see it's not always in a NA server, and heard it's also in EU from my friend.)
  • Sudden "TELL" and attempting to make friends makes one confused.

  Preferring not to show what are talked about private things, people don't use "SAY" so much. You should keep in mind not to make the streams of others' text logs so fast. Needless to say, it's not about only chat, but emote. If you just want to have a short conversation or need some help from others, using "SAY" is not a problem!
  Also, Novice Network is calm. (Can I use this adjective here?) In my opinion, Novice Network MUST be used frequently like non-Japanese DCs. You can take part in there as a member and ask questions or have some communications!
The greetings in a dungeon are seem usually. Why don't you do as Romans do? In addintion, when you tell them you're an English speaker, the others may care of you in any ways. This would be a chance to make friends with them.
Most of JP players don't used to receive a "TELL" or an offer to make friends suddenly. You can easily imagine a cat on a street:) Not to make them confused with an unfamiliar language, I recommend to use "SAY" first before using "TELL" or party chat.

What Recommended to Do

  • Greetings in a dungeon at the start and the end.
  • Using both of easy English and auto-translate.
  • Not using abbreviations.

  As I mentioned above, it's preferred to greet in a dungeon. These words, 「よろしくお願いします」 (Yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu) / "Let's do it!" for the starting, 「お疲れ様でした」(Otsukaresama-deshita) / "Good game!" for the last, are seem usually. And you can use auto-translate to have these conversations. When you type the English phrases, they transform to common Japanese phrases. Try it now!
  If you need the words often seen in party chat, this entrycould be useful for you to understand what the others saying.

Auto-translate is a really nice tool when you express the words what depends on the FF14 systems, for example: armouries, jobs and actions. The phrases in daily chat can be translated to those nuances changed slightly from what intented in the context, so it's better using your own words if you really want to explain your thought.

  ex:「よろしくお願いします」 / Let't do it!: Japanese phrase is much polite and has an implication of "I'll do my best and I'm wondering you'd help me out as a support."

Abbreviations cannot be understood there. I always get confused when I bumped into strange words in a NA server..

VIDEO: Chat Customs (Difference b/w Mana/Elemental/Aether)

If not needed, you can watch it from 01:02.


  The manners are basically same all over the world, but it can be noted that in JP servers, there's an atmosphere to distinguish one from the others not to be too close each other. I'm happy if you understand it doesn't mean they are chilly people, they're just modest or shy.
  Chatting is welcome except for "SAY" and I sometimes get crying after too much laughter in FC and LS chat.
  You don't need to use Japanese by constraint, but the words like 「ありがとう」 (Arigato / Thanks) and 「ごめん」 (Gomen / Sorry) typed in alphabets make them so glad. I can give 10 commendations to you, if I see this situation! Having efforts to come closer each other is 「尊い」 (Toutoi / Japanese OTAKU word, means "supreme" or "awesome.")
  Enjoy your chat in JP servers with the knowledge of what I wrote! I'll post the cheat sheets of EN/JP words for daily chat, in dungeons and party finder in separated genres.
  If I could be one of your help to make your playing comfortable in JP DCs, it's an honor.