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Guide & Chat Templates: Hunt (Eureka/ Bozja) in Japanese DC

(Patch 5.35) The part about Bozja has been updated!
This includes the customs about NOT ONLY hunts but Bozja and Eureka as well.


  Have you ever got confused because of the common rules for the hunt (モブハント / モブハン) in Japanese data center?
  This post enables you to grasp those!

  The rules can include own customs in my server of Mana, and they might be different between each DC.

The time specification, the custom joining a party with "ノ" and the greeting often seen are almost same in Eureka / The Bozjan southern front. Well, let's check them out!

  For your information, some custom examples of Elemental and Gaia given from their players are noted below. These rules depend on each server, and the formulas are changeable. You can follow the way others do.

  • Some people don't use the shout often while the hunt to avoid making the important info go away. (from Elemental)
  • In addition to "ノ" and the PF, there are some who ask the players to join their party in shouts or show the PF links on chat. (from Gaia)

The basic "HOW TO" in brief is also available here.

S ranked (Sモブ)

  The person who found the mob notifies you of its location with a shout or other means. He / She also decides the time to get started hunting, so you should wait in a place where you won't take the mob's hate until the designated time.

  Saying "ノ" with a shout or using the PF smoothen your joining a party. It's better to type, a kind of greetings like "よろしくお願いします" when you got in one or anyone took part in yours than without any conversations. "お疲れ様でした" is a polite word to put after you defeat the mob.


  • A person who found the S mob lets you know its coordinate through shouting, recruiting, etc.
  • He / She decides the time to have FA. (Don't hit any actions on it before that.)
  • Shout "ノ," "PTください (invite me to your party)" or join a party from the PF if you need.
  • As soon as joining one, it's better to say "よろしくお願いします." However, many keep silence when they are in a battle.
  • "お疲れ様でした" is a common greeting when a party is dismissed.
  • Some leave with words like "お疲れ様 (good game)", "ありがとう (thank you)" to all the people there.

"ノ" is a Japanese character (kata-kana), which is used as an alternative to the emoji that looks like a hand one raises.
  You can send the Japanese auto translation with typing "よろしくお願いします" = "Let's do it" + TAB, "お疲れ様でした" = "Good game" + TAB.

(5.35) Additional about the Bozjan Southern Front

  The way explained here is based on my server in Mana, and may depends on each server.

When you need get a resurrection in the field:

 To avoid the death penalty, shouting "蘇生お願いします<pos>" ("resurrection plz") would work if anyone is available. Some shout "ありがとう" ("thank you") to show the others that they don't need any help anymore after reviving.

Tips of Forming a Party in the critical engagements:

  1) Say "ノ" and get invited from a party. / Invite others by yourself. There are some write their role / job like "ヒラ" (HEALER) / "黒" (BLM). (If you'd like to show yours, you can use the auto translation.)

  2) Distributing "Lost Protect" will be appreciated if you have it in your "Lost Finds Holster."

Trains (ツアー / 連戦)

The existence of the trains itself is a little controversial, although many often hold and join. And it can be easily concluded as neither GOOD nor BAD way to hunt the A ranked.

  People call the trains "ツアー (tour)" or "連戦 (series of battles.)"
  A conductor notifies the schedule when and where to start on the PF or a shout. Join a party, except for the recruitment his / hers. There may be the recruitments saying that "ついていく (follow)," which are the parties you can take part in.

  While the hunt, the leader guides the areas next to next with chatting. Saying "ありぽです" (ありがとう [thanks] + テレポ [teleport]) is nice when someone of your party teleports first and you follow it.
  Other than that, it's almost the same as the S mob. After the trains are over, thank the conducter with a say or shout.


  • A conductor leads you to the locations of each mob. He / She decides the time to have FA. (Don't hit any actions on it before that.)
  • Shout "ノ," "PTください (invite me)" or join a party from the PF if you need.
  • As soon as joining one, it's better to say "よろしくお願いします." However, many keep silence when they are in a battle.
  • "ありぽです" is a great way to show your appreciation to one who teleports to the next area if you followed it.
  • "お疲れ様でした" is a common greeting when a party is dismissed.
  • Say "ありがとう" to the conductor with a say or shout.
  • Some leave with words like "お疲れ様" "ありがとう (thank you)" to all the people there.


You need to move if it's not for your home server. (Not exactly same to this, but I've ever gone to the wrong channel of the area and delayed to the battle..)

  • Ask others how many minutes remain until the designated time if it's specified not in ET (= JPN LT).
  • Change your role if you can when there aren't any tank or healer.


  The basics are almost the same in every DC, but the custom of "ノ" (some uses "/" or "o/") and the clear determination of the time and the way of greeting are unique to Japan.
  Also, as a community, both Discord and CWLS are used commonly. I recommend you to have a look for them of your DC. You can report your hunting to the famous website (ffxiv-the-hunt.net) known to the Japanese. This page is available in English, too.

Useful Expressions for Hunt/ Eureka/ Bozja (EN/JP) / 日英フレーズ集

Common Phrases

need a res <pos>蘇生をお願いしたいです。<pos>
we have room for 3PTには、あと3人空きがあります
could you invite me for your party?パーティに入れてもらってもいいですか?

  An auto translation, "Looking for party. (パーティ参加を希望します)" can be used. "パーティを希望します" also tells a meaning that "I'd like to join your party."

For Bozja

r3 lfg
(rank 3 looking for a group)
lfg memory/ fragment/ cluster farm記憶/ シャード/ クラスター集めでPTを探しています
any room for memory/ fragment/ cluster farm?記憶/ シャード/ クラスター目的PTの空きはありますか?
lfm memory/ fragment/ cluster farm
(lfm=looking for members)
記憶/ シャード/ クラスター集めでPTメンバーを募集しています
anyone know when next castrum will pop?次のカストルム(or攻城戦)はいつか分かる人いますか?
when did castrum last pop?最後のカストルム(or攻城戦)はいつでしたか?
maybe soonそろそろだと思います
it just did終わったばかりです
(about) 5 minutes ago5分(くらい)前でした
CLL/ Castrum/ oshiro攻城戦/ お城

Server Names (EN/JP)


Carbuncleカーバンクル (鞄)
Gungnirグングニル (槍)


Yojimboヨウジンボウ (用心棒)


Shinryuシンリュウ (神龍 / 神竜)

References (Hunt Tools)